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Fighting Sense Technology in Mortal Kombat D. A. Project

2014. október 08. - Gabor Szilagyi

Creator Gabor Szilagyi programmer who is highly successful Mortal Kombat Trilogy 2D fighting

game was a new guise. The core of the adaptation was to play the game and experience the atmosphere is maintained, such as the MK II and MK usual games. In the third episode of the game, we meet different colors of blood and more funny things.

The character table, however, did not disappoint, it was good to see new faces, such as Stryker, Sheeva.

Mortal Kombat D. A. Project can be found a couple of new options, such as the endurance and the tag team options.

They provide new gameplay solo or in pairs.

The program can be found in all versions of MK characters. This involves the appearance of characters, abilities.

The game features 44 characters, selected by default, and you can cheat in the hidden characters, which number 12

A total of 56 characters to talk about.

Nearly 167 arena in the game, which is another MUGEN Project in we have seen. Most of the background music has been carefully selected so far can be found in all parts MK. Also gone through the selection of the sound effects in the game. They settled on the usual sound effects, and new ones have been included.

Time to talk about the program's style of struggle, the mechanism of which increase the index of experience fighting games.

The development is that when we are fighting against the machine, it does not follow a pre-written lines of code,

when delivering a punch or kick, or even if allowed to close ourselves.

The goal was not to have a scenario like the fight, can not be calculated in the next step of the CPU.

Access to the machine, moved by opponent "assess the situation" and act in the future.

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